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  • What is Rebreather Canada?
    Rebreather Canada is a directory of rebreather resources in and serving the Canadian rebreather market. It's a work in progress!
  • Why Rebreather Canada?
    There didn't (doesn't?) seem to be a central go-to source for rebreather instructors, centers or suppliers in Canada. If I missed it, please let me know and save me a bunch of work :)
  • What shop are you affiliated with?
    Rebreather Canada is meant as an independent, non-affiliated resource for the Canadian rebreather community. It's not being run by a dive shop or specific company or rebreather operator/dealer.
  • How does it work?
    I'm collecting information via the web and direct email contact about rebreather infrastructure in Canada. I am also sending out a survey form to instructors, centers and dealers to build the directory. This information is entered into a spreadsheet that's embedded in the Directory page of this site for others to find. Further functionalities, such as search, will be added as the site grows.
  • I'm an instructor/dealer, can I submit my own info?"
    Yes! Click on "Submit Rebreather Resources" in the menu and a Google form will pop up. Complete all the information you feel would be relevant and hit Submit. You will be contacted once the information is uploaded or if there are questions.
  • I'm a rebreather diver, I'm looking for a buddy. Can you help?"
    Currently the site is trying to build a better picture of the existing infrastructure. A find-a-buddy functionality is pending. If you're a rebreather diver wishing to sumit your info, you can do so by sending an email to with your name, last name, email address, certification level, and number of dives as well as the city and province you're based in. This info will not be shared without prior consent and then only to connect you with another diver is looking for a buddy in your region.
  • What about privacy & spam?
    Information collected here is information found on the web or submitted by users with the intention of sharing the info for the directory. I'm merely putting in a central place to save people time. As for individual diver information that may be submitted by email on a voluntary basis to facilitate buddy networking, this information is not being published on the website. I don't have time to spam you with stuff. You may get an occasional email asking to make sure your info is still current.
Who is behind this?

My name is Nicolas Winkler. I'm a CCR Trimix Diver, underwater photographer & competitive freediver based on the East Coast of Canada. You can find me at or on Instagram


I'm also a co-host of Dive In The Podcast a weekly all-about-diving podcast broadcasting from Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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